By building a separate node model of Corda, we leverage Every Asset for the entire product information, ownership and lifecycle management, whilst utilising our skills and technology to allow companies to enter into efficient and binding smart contracts of procure and supply.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

The Power of Simply Procured

Our original interest was to empower the Every Construction solution, enabling subscriptions to templates of BIM objects, deriving not only family or block data, but also vast amounts of technical, safety and lifecycle management data, directly into Revit and Solidworks. The simply procured model was designed to leverage the Revit plugin, along with purchasing solutions, such as SAP, Great Plains etc., in order to establish live smart contracts with suppliers based on Bill of Merchandise (BOM) directly from both the architectural data and the integrated ERP system.

The model was designed to allow purchasing and architectural teams the ability to collaborate and collate multiple projects into a more effective purchase option. For instance, rather than a single project requiring a model of toilet, which was subscribed to in Revit, an intracompany selection of projects can collaborate to provide a wider requirement of said toilet. Utilising the power of Every Asset, simply procure software interrogates the supply chain, and OEM base to acquire a spot of future contract and pitch the suppliers to collaborate to provide the best price or compete against each other.

This means that we are delivering upon a standard solution, which aims to allowed global regulation and compliance, whilst being the first to extend the technology for the procurement of assets. This alone will increase efficiency exponentially of procurement teams, but also allow them the derive the best possible price, completely automatically, and tendering to any supplier of the product itself.

The team have realised that there is a vast horizon of other industries which can use our solution, thus are now looking to provide our procurement solution to any sector utilising Every Asset or intending to. With a simple base of API’s, we can allow literally any ERP or project solution to easily attach to our solution. Thus, we will be able to work with many partners of Every Asset, just as with Every Construction.

We are simply adding probably the most powerful procurement solution in the world to the most powerful asset management solution in the world.

Innovative artificial intelligence technologies

We have built an AI solution based on the huge quantities of asset, supply and manufacturing data, enabling procurement teams to tune their preferences and send the technology to work on their behalf, all whilst retaining the element of privacy required during early and mid stage procurement processes.

  • Tuned Preferences

  • Environmental Impact

  • Weighed Scoring

  • Lifecycle Return Score

  • Preemptive Life Cost

  • Geo Based Recycling