The next generation of procurement

A Smart contract procurement model built on Every Asset to allow competitive procuring a simple and effective solution

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Smart Contract DLT Technology

What is Simply Procured?

The solution has been designed to provide procurement personnel from any sector, the ability to place smart tenders into our cloud and derive best pricing, best delivery and ecological friendly shipments.  In a nutshell, we are leveraging partner technologies and creating a super fast trading platform for procurement based on a blockchain hybrid.

Lightning Speed from BIM to Purchase

  • Derive data from Revit, Solidworks and AutoCAD

  • Plugin via ERP systems including SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics

  • Work with spot and futures based contracts

  • Collaborate with your team members, designers and project managers

  • Make suppliers and manufacturers work together to provide best pricing, best delivery and lowest global emissions

  • Enter smart contracts and enable full traceability from order, through manufacture to delivery

New World Procurement

Utilising the power of Every Asset, Simply Procure cloud interrogates the supply chain, and OEM base to acquire a spot of future contract and pitch the suppliers to collaborate to provide the best price or compete against each other.


Seperate Corda nodes to allow the exchange of smart contracts, whilst leveraging Every Asset for lifecycle of assets.


Full traceability of contracts from the initial tender, through to the secure exchange of financials and goods.


Teams are able to use their own ERP systems, or collaborate live through an informative SaaS user interface.

Drive Down

Pitch suppliers against each other and / or leverage the power of AI to smart source products for both spot and future pricing.

Know Product
Carbon Footprint

Gain rich insights parts or products, to maximise price versus carbon footprint from production to shipping.

Engage with

Procure with deep collaboration and oversight of projects from a heads up dashboard to make management a breeze.

A smart and secure way to procure goods

Zero knowledge proof and Corda notary makes for contract security on a need to know basis


ERP and Drafting Applications Supported

An increasing base of applications, along with an easy to integrate API for developers


Smart Nodes Implemented

Full scaleability on demand makes for a ultra low latency solution


How it works?

Procurement teams utilise either their own solution via an API, or our SaaS service to source parts, goods or services without making a single call or email. Suppliers are pitted against each other, or can collaborate to fulfil a tender and enter into a contract. Secure contracts are engaged between parties and tracking of assets initiates. Utilising Every Asset, the lifecycle of the assets are available to procurement, and then via our partner applications, including Every Construction, Oper8 and Mixed Reality Sciences

Solving the industries biggest problems

Procurement and contracts of fulfilment are still antiquated in the main, but now Simply Procured not only provides smart contracts, but also intelligent sourcing, saving many hours from the process and enabling money savings from the first use.

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